Ice Makers

Solid water or ice, may it be in the most common form as ice-cubes, ice- flakes, ice-blocks, all are used widely for a variety of purposes at home and for commercial uses such as those in industries. At homes, right from including them while serving in fruit juices, to being a part of your beauty routine ice has found a place in our day to day life. Ice-makers too found place in our daily households may it be as freezers within refrigerators to the big ice block building machines widely used in industries.

Birth of ice-makers

Do you know who is called the father of refrigerator? Towards mid of seventeenth century an engineer named William Cullen presented his very first man-made refrigerator in his University, at the University of Glasgow. Unfortunately, Cullen had not used his technology for any practical uses; hence, it is more probable that none of us would have heard of him. The practical refrigerator still took about half a century for the world to witness one. It was in the year 1834, that a Mechanical Engineer and physicist called Jacob Perkins invented the first man made refrigerator which used Ether in the process known as vapour compression. The ice makers that we have in market today works on the principle that was coined by Jacob Perkins.

Handy ice-making machines

There were days when a big truck used to come loaded with ice blocks and people would stand in queues, by the ice stores, to get a piece from the big block at quite a lost cost. But gone are the days when we had to roam around looking for ice, we today have portable ice makers to get us the ice prepared in our own desired shapes and size at home, using the latest technology that has helped in reducing the sizes of ice-makers. Following are a few ice-makers that you would definitely love to have at home.

Igloo is one of the top most brands when it comes to making ice. The Igloo ICE-103 ice manufacturer machine is the best counter top ice maker that you would love to have in your home. Portable in nature, the best thing about this ice-maker is that you can get fresh ice, in your desired small, medium or large sizes, within just six minutes. Built with light-weight stainless steel design, it can produce about twenty six pounds that amounts to about 12 kilograms of ice more than enough for birthday parties or home gatherings.

Unlike the Igloo ICE-103, Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice-maker comes with drains at the bottom of the machine, making it way easier to clean. It also boasts of its recycling feature wherein it converts the remnant ice back to water. It has the same capacity as that of its igloo counterpart which produces twenty six pounds in a day. And it is way quicker to get you smaller or larger ice-cubes ready in just six minutes.

This counter top portable ice maker Available with a bucket size of one and a half pounds, this ice-maker gets you ice-cubes of small or larger sizes in just six minutes and can produce twenty six pounds of ice in twenty four hours. It has a 2.3 quart reservoir coming with controls having LED indicators to catch your attention easily.

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