Opal Nugget Ice Maker Review

Opal Nugget
  • Affordable price & durable performance
  • Efficient & Super-fast, 3-pounds water bin capacity, 15-minutes to first nugget & 1-pound for an hour
  • Super compact and easy to move anywhere you go. Best for camping and party at home
  • FirstBuild app – – set your ice making schedule to your convenience time

How does Opal ice maker machine known as the good ice? Opal is very affordable and durable ice maker machine that makes it super cool and convenience to use. Its nugget ice can be chewable and crunchable that you will love it. It is a perfect solution for you in making ice at home.

Opal ice maker machine was designed by FirstBuild which one of the leading brand and top selling company of portable ice maker machine in the US.  This Opal was made to make your life easier and convenience in making your nugget ice or soft ice at home.

It is super compact design and portable that you can move to any place on your home or travel to somewhere and quite easy to use. Just plug it to your electrical outlet and you can start making your nugget ice, that’s it!

This Opal ice maker machine can make the first nugget in just 15 minutes and it can produce up to 1 pound of ice per hour and it can holds up to 2.5 quarts or equivalent to 3-pounds of ice.

Opal has a smart feature that can sense the water on the fill level. The sensor will automatically identify if the water level is full or not. When the water level is empty or low, the machine will automatically stop and when it reach the exact level this machine will start to run and make an ice for you. The ice will slowly melt within the air-insulated bucket that it makes it super cool.

Included Components: Opal Icemaker, Ice Bin, Ice Scoop, and Drip Tray

What people are saying about?

I know is a little frivolous…but why not. My girlfriend bought me one for Valentine’s day last year and it’s been making delicious soft ice ever since. Our guest love it. – Mark C.

10 years ago when my kids were born and spent time in the NICU, I got addicted to the ‘hospital’ ice they had. I would choose restaurants based on their ice. Now I have it at home. I’m really happy with this. Would buy again in a heartbeat. – David Bock

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